Polymer Clay Red Panda

I mentioned before that I also work with polymer clay. I can’t say I’m good at it, but I wanted to share one of my creations with everyone:


This little guy is my first attempt at making a red panda. He’s kinda silly looking, but I love him. Red pandas are special to me because my best friend used to tell me I looked just like one. She passed away nearly four years ago, but I still miss her everyday.

Here’s a picture of me so you guys can decide for yourselves:


I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

I’m pretty new to polymer clay, so tips and tricks are greatly appreciated!

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A Winter Wonderland Dollhouse – Part 2

Hi again!

This post will cover the parents’ bedroom of the winter house. The room is pretty bare, so this will be a short post.

(Pictured: Mommy Mouse and bed)

I really love this bed. I wanted the comforter to have a quilted appearance, but I quickly realized I was making it much too large for Calico Critters and had to cut it short. I then added the lace honestly to hide how bad my sewing looks. The pillows and mattress are made of plain white felt with snowflake stickers as accents.

(Pictured: A close up of the bed without the pillows so that the headboard is visible.)

Oh, wow. That glue job. I should repaint that part.

(Pictured: Daddy Mouse standing by the wall)

I really, really love the wallpaper in the parents’ room. It’s such a gorgeous winter scene, and the colors are perfect. I like the grey dollhouse carpet as well. It matches so nicely!

Thank you for reading!

A Winter Wonderland Dollhouse

Hi again!

This will be my first actual content post. I hope everyone likes it! Here goes nothin!

I began this Winter Wonderland themed dollhouse in December. All of my dollhouses have Calico Critters living in them, and this one has the absolutely precious Marshmallow Mouse family inside. They are so cute–the triplets have tiny pink hearts in their ears!

The house is not finished yet. It needs shingles, but I abhor shingles, so I’ve been putting it off… It could also use some paint touch-ups and such. Oh, and the roof is… well, it needs help.

(Pictured above: front and back of house, please excuse the mess around it–crafting is messy business)

My plan is to go room by room, and point out little details, as well as providing an over all picture for each room. This post will cover the triplet’s room at the very top.


I used cotton balls to give the appearance of snow in the room. The carpet is white glitter felt. I also added snowflake stickers, and that picture of a penguin sleeping on the moon. I don’t know who the artist is, but if someone lets me know, I’ll be happy to credit them. On one side, there are some board games, like Candyland, Snakes and Ladders, and a Lego game. The other side features a little icy igloo play mat and some toys.


(Pictured above: A marshmallow mouse baby hanging out on the play mat)

The mountains, igloo, ball, car, and Elsa and Anna from the Disney movie “Frozen” were all handmade from polymer clay. The little mat was also handmade using blue and white felt.


(Pictured above: Close-up of one of the beds)

I did not make the bed frames. They are the Calico Critter triplet bunk bed set. I did make the pillow and blanket, and I glued the snowflakes onto the front of each bed. I think they turned out really cute.

Okay, that’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading.

You are loved and appreciated, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Hi there!

I have a blog for my dogs already, but I really wanted a blog of my own. I wanted a space where I could post about my hobbies! The link to my dogs’ blog and Instagram is in the widget.

Here’s some of what you can expect if you follow:

  • Miniatures! Lots and lots of miniatures! Building dollhouses is my hobby, and I’m just in love with it.
  • Arts and crafts! I mainly work with polymer clay right now, but I’m always open to trying new things!
  • Music, for sure. My music taste isn’t great, but I have a lot of trouble putting my feelings into words, and lyrics help me do that.
  • Pictures of my dogs. I’m sorry. I can’t not. I just love them too much.
  • Tutorials!
  • Kindness, appreciation, and love. Always.

I would love feedback on what’s good and what’s not!

Thank you so much for reading!