Hi there!

I’m so sorry for the random hiatus. School, life, and well, everything kind of got away from me for some time there.

I found out I needed surgery, and I wanted to have all my school assignments complete beforehand, so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything but recovering after. I turned in all my schoolwork early, and I had surgery on December 3rd. I’m feeling great now. I’m also a little amazed at myself for getting everything turned in early like that and still maintaining my 4.0. It was a lot of work. Anyway, it wasn’t a major surgery, and the recovery was really easy. I’m weirdly exhausted the past few days, but I’m hoping that’s just because Christmas was a lot.

I’m still leading group therapy with adolescent girls, but for now, my play therapy sessions are over. My practicum starts January 10, and I really can’t wait. I want more practice and experience. I’m excited! I’m also really hopeful that I will get to do more play therapy.

I’ve been glad to have a break from school, but with Christmas and post-op appointments, I’ve still been so busy. We just had new Internet installed yesterday too, so the room where Mushroom Meadow is located is a huge mess, and most of the furniture is too heavy for me to move myself. I’ll have to wait for Michael to get home.

My last post was two months ago and about Halloween, so I’ll start updating everyone on Mushroom Meadow from that point.

Thank you for reading!


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