Hi! My name is Cate, and I am a full-time graduate student in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. I plan to counsel children and adolescents, so I am on the child degree track. My practicum begins January 10th. I am nervous but so excited. After graduation, I intend to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). 

My husband, Michael, and I have been married since 2019. We met in 2012, when we were both 19 and attending Texas A&M University. We were chemistry lab partners. My Doctor Who ringtone went off during class one morning, and Michael asked me out the next day. We bonded over our love of Doctor Who, dogs, the band Muse, and The Golden Compass series by Phillip Pullman. I am so lucky to call him my husband.

I completed a bachelor’s in biochemistry and a master’s in biomedical sciences at Texas A&M. I am thankful for all that I learned and achieved there, but I am glad to be headed toward a career more suited to what I love to do.

I have two dogs named Isaac and Miria. They are both ladies. I love them with my whole heart. I hope to have many more dogs someday. Michael and I would really like to be animal fosters once we have our own house.

I built my first dollhouse when I was 11, and it remains one of my most cherished memories from my childhood. I adore miniatures, and I love designing and building dollhouses for my Sylvanian Families. I also embroider, cross stitch, needle felt, and work with clay in my spare time. Arts and crafts bring me immeasurable joy. I do not sell any of my work, and I do not have plans to. I have many very talented friends who do sell their work though, and I am happy to direct you to them. 

Pictures of me and my husband and our dogs are below: