Molly’s Jacket

So, one of my big projects this year was embroidering a jean jacket for my little sister. I stitched everything she loves onto it. It really did take me almost all year too. I started it in January 2021, and I finished it and got it mailed to her in early November.

Molly loves Taylor Swift, so there are a lot of Taylor Swift references on the jacket.

Quote from All Too Well by Taylor Swift

More Taylor Swift:

When Molly was little, I had a little fairy house. I would write letters and leave small gifts in it and tell Molly they were from the fairies. Molly believed in my fairies for so long. I was sad when she stopped. There’s a 7-year age difference between us, but we still had so much fun together.

Little fairies

Molly also loves Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy

Molly is creative like me, and she adores the seasons, so the back of her jacket is the four seasons.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring

This is the whole front of the jacket:

Front of Molly’s jacket

This was a fun and special project, and Molly really liked it!


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