I am Learning Crochet!

Hi there!

I hope you’re all doing well!

Monday comes way too early now that I work at my practicum site on Saturdays. I love having the opportunity to help out though. I worry about the teens being bored on the weekends without school or access to their friends or cell phones.

Besides work, I learned to crochet! I’m so proud of myself! At first, I tried it, and I honestly thought it was too hard for me. I just couldn’t seem to make my hands do what I needed them to do. But I gave it a couple of days, and when I tried again, I was able to make it work! The first thing I crocheted was Harry Potter from a kit my sister gifted me at Christmas.

He’s decent enough for a first try. I’m not sure how, but I ran out of the yarn for his pants, so I had to switch colors. I guess the kit didn’t have enough? Or maybe I messed up somewhere else. Who knows. His feet are terrible too. One of them is backwards. I was going to throw him away, but my husband insisted on keeping him for himself. Michael has named him “Scary Potter.”

“Scary Potter”

Since making Scary Potter, I’ve also learned to make clothing for my Calico Critters! First, I made a new outfit for Tulip LaPoodle:

Tulip LaPoodle in her new outfit

I also made this tiny crochet coffee mug for the babies to sit in:

Coffee mug

I really like the mug pattern. I see myself using it a lot in the future. I might not always add a face, but I can imagine some cute Christmas decorations and maybe a silly chair in a play room for the Calico Critters using this pattern.

I made this cute yellow dress for Cecelia Reindeer:

Her giant popsicle is from TinySugar on Etsy. I love buying from that shop. She has great molds, and her foods are cute and reasonably priced.

My favorite creation so far has been the tiny mushroom shirt I made for Ivy Red Panda:

Mushroom Shirt on Ivy

Oh, and this past weekend, I made some fruit dresses for the babies!

Fruit dresses

I love these fruit dresses so much. I didn’t find a free pattern for baby Calico Critters, so I had to make one up, and they both turned out really cute! I’m so happy with them!

I think I will write down the patterns I made up and post them for y’all since the internet seems to need free dress patterns for the babies!

Thank you for reading!


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