Hi there!

I hope you’re doing well today!

Needle-felting is a new craft I picked up a few months ago. I wear leather gloves on my thumb and my pointer finger, and I use a foam mat underneath the felting. I still manage to stab myself quite frequently, so be careful if you give this hobby a try. I have a mix of synthetic and real wool. I personally prefer synthetic wool because I don’t like having to clean the real wool before I can use it. It also seems to come in more colors? I’m not sure. I haven’t fully figured out how to buy wool and stuff yet.

I haven’t made much, but I have so many ideas. My first creation was this really ugly bear (pictured below) that my husband said was “horrid.” That bear is the first thing I ever needle-felted though, so he’s special to me.

The horrid bear

I kept practicing though, and I bought a needle-felting kit online to try something while following directions. It turned out so cute:

Mushroom Shiba

I love him. I love mushrooms. I was so happy after I made this because it really gave me the confidence to keep working at needle-felting. I made this rainbow hedgehog/mouse guy next to celebrate Pride Month last June:

I love his little ears. Most recently, I’ve been wanting to make more miniature things for my dollhouses using needle-felting. I’ve seen micro-needle-felting online, and I’m not entirely sure how to do it yet, but I really want to learn because I love making tiny things! A couple of the miniatures I’ve needle-felted are pictured below:

A needle-felted dog and teddy bear with some Calico Critters

Thank you for reading!


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