Mushroom Café and the Chiffon Apartment

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Happy Friday!

I’m closing out my second week of officially being a practicum counseling student. I’ve picked up an extra day at my practicum site to ensure that I meet my required hours. I also now conduct psychosocial assessments there. Not much else has changed though. I was exhausted last weekend, but I think getting my booster was a big part of that.

Anyway, on to the post! The apartment above Mushroom Café is where the Chiffon family lives. I found the dollhouse on Facebook Marketplace, and I love it so much. It’s gorgeous, and it was in wonderful shape. Here is the front:

Mushroom Café and Chiffon Apartment

I love cafés. Before I had to give up caffeine, my favorite weekend activity was finding a new café for Michael and I to try. So, of course, Mushroom Meadow has a café. Mushroom Café is owned by the Chiffons, and for the most part, they handle all their business on their own. It can get pretty crowded though, so sometimes Mr. Alpaca or Mr. Polar Bear will help out behind the counter.

Here’s the inside of Mushroom Café from Christmas 2020:

Mushroom Café Christmas 2020

Recently, I added a bookcase for all my miniature mugs.

Mug Collection

Here are some more details of the cafe:

Better pictures of the counter:

The upstairs apartment has two rooms. On one side, the Chiffon parents live, and the children live on the other. I wanted their apartment to look cozy.

Mrs. Chiffon next to the parents’ bed

She has a soft throw currently, but now that I can crochet, I’d like to crochet a throw for their bed.

The kitchen area

More pictures of the parents’ side of the apartment:

The children’s room is Kiki’s Delivery Service-themed. I love Studio Ghibli movies. They’re so gorgeous.

I tried to include as many little Kiki details as I could. I’d like to make a Kiki dress for the Chiffon Daughter now.

Thank you for reading!