Snow White Castle

Hi there!

It’s a new week, and I’m tired. School started again for me last week, and I’ve been so busy purchasing textbooks and figuring out my assignments. I’m officially in practicum though! That’s exciting!

Anyway, over winter break, I bought the wooden castle from Michaels that I had been eyeing for months, and I started painting it. I bought the Calico Critter fairytale babies, and I put my Blackberry Rabbit in a dress that looks similar to Snow White’s dress too.

Blackberry Rabbit as Snow White

The castle was decorated for Christmas back when I took pictures of it, so there are Christmas lights in the picture above, and some of the other pictures have stockings and other Christmas-y things in them.

Below is an overview of the interior of the castle. I wanted it to be whimsical and worn-down.

My husband made all the beds for me because I am honestly too scared to use any kind of saw. This is a secret, but I use scissors to cut small pieces of wood all the time when I’m working in my study. My husband cringes when he sees me doing this, so yeah, it’s a secret. Don’t tell him, y’all.

Little beds:

Little beds

Here are the rest of the seven babies rooms:

I’ve decided that the red one will be Doc. Pink will be Bashful, and purple will be Happy. Orange will be Grumpy, and green will be Sneezy. Yellow will be Sleepy, and the blue one will be Dopey. I really want to make little name plaques for each of them. I think that would be really cute and a nice finishing touch.

Finally, here is Snow White’s room:

Oh, also, here is one of the staircases to give an idea of how I decorated those:


This castle was a fun little project, and it made me really happy to complete, so I hope you guys liked it too!

Thank you for reading!